List of published works by SEME number

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SEME 1Sonata I in C major for tr. rec., bc
SEME 2Sonata II in D minor for tr. rec., bc
SEME 3Sonata III in G major for tr. rec., bc
SEME 4Sonata IV in A major for vln, bc
SEME 5Sonata V in B minor for vln, bc
SEME 6Sonata VI in G minor for vln, bc
SEME 7Sonata I in D minor for 2 vlns, vla da gamba, bc
SEME 8Sonata III in A major for 2 vlns, vla da gamba, bc
SEME 9Sonata V in C minor for 2 vlns, vla da gamba, bc
SEME 10Thomas Baltzar: Consort for Three Violins
SEME 11Nicola Matteis: [Divisions] in D minor
SEME 12Twenty Almandes and a Pavan in Six Parts
SEME 12ATwo Cornetts and Four Sackbutts (alto, 2 tenors and bass sackbutts)
SEME 12BModern Brass (2 trumpets in Bb, horn, 2 trombones, tuba)
SEME 12CViols (Tr Tr T T T B) (or modern strings, 2 vlns, 3 vlas, vc)
SEME 12DRecorders (most pieces are playable on D Tr Tr T T B or D D Tr T T B)
SEME 13Nicola Matteis: Sonata in A major
SEME 14[Anonymous Italian Master, c.1690]: Sonata a5 in D major
SEME 15[Anonymous Italian Master, c.1690] Sonata a5 in B flat major
SEME 16William Byrd: Consort Dances in Five Parts, ed. and reconstructed [mainly from keyboard scores]

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