1. A 'minimum complete set' assumes performance by soloists using violoncello without violone (doublebass) except where the violone part is printed separately, in which case it is included in the 'minimum' set. A violone is usually desirable, because the viola often sounds below the violoncello, and an additional copy of the basso continuo part should be ordered in all cases where the violone part is not printed separately. For all works sold separately as score and parts (i.e. those capable of orchestral performance) extra parts may be ordered for all instruments.

    Please note that oboe and bassoon parts are included in the 'minimum complete set' only in works where they have an obbligato function, and not in those works where they simply double the strings. Such works are clearly marked in the Catalogue as 'playable by strings alone'.

  2. In all ensemble works with four- and five-part strings, the first (or first and second) violin parts may be doubled by oboes, and the basso continuo part by bassoon, even when this is not specified in the original instrumentation.
  3. For items capable of orchestral performance only, an additional copy of the score, with enlarged keyboard realization but lacking introduction and critical apparatus, may be ordered at the same cost.
  4. For items in the main body of the catalogue only, an additional copy of the score may be ordered, containing a normal-size keyboard continuo realization in place of the introduction and commentary. The cost will be the same as that of the main score.
  5. Enquiries about the music are welcome. Please email direct to the editor, Dr Ian Payne at
  6. When ordering, please quote the SUTE number which appears with each piece: it helps us to identify correctly the piece you want.

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