List of published works by SUTE number

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SUTE 1Concerto in A minor for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 43: a4)
SUTE 2Concerto in B flat major for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 43: B1)
SUTE 3Sonata in G major for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 43: G9)
SUTE 4Sonata in F major for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 43: F3)
SUTE 5Sonata in F major for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 43: F4)
SUTE 6Sonata in F major for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 43: F5)
SUTE 7Sinfonia in A major for 2 obs/fg. (ad lib), 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 43: A6)
SUTE 8Concerto in E major for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 43: E2)
SUTE 9Sonata in E minor for 2 vlns, 2 vlas, bc (TWV 44: 5)
SUTE 10Sonata in F major for 2 vlns, 2 vlas, bc (TWV 44: 11)
SUTE 11Concerto in G major for fl (tr rec), ob d'amore (ob), vln, bc (TWV 43: G13)
SUTE 13Concerto in E-flat major for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 43: Es1)
SUTE 16Sonata in E minor for 2 obs, fg., 2 vlns, 2 vlas, bc (TWV 50: 4)
SUTE 18Concerto in B minor for fl, vla da gamba, fg, bc (TWV 43: h3)
SUTE 19Concerto in C major for fl, vla da gamba, fg, bc (TWV 43: C2)
SUTE 20Sonata in G major for fl, 2 vle da gamba, bc (TWV 43: G10)
SUTE 21Sonata in G major for fl, 2 vle da gamba (vlns), bc (TWV 43: G12)
SUTE 23Concerto in E minor for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 43: e5)
SUTE 24Sonata in A minor for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 43: a5)
SUTE 25[Concerto] in B-flat major for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 43: B2)
SUTE 26Sonata in C major (TWV 41: C7)
SUTE 27Sonata in G major (TWV 41: G10)
SUTE 28Sonata in E minor (TWV 41: e8)
SUTE 29Sonata in D minor (TWV 41: d6)
SUTE 30Concerto in A major for 4 vlns, strings, bc (TWV 54: A1 / Kross 4V. A)
SUTE 31Concerto in A major for solo vln, strings, bc (TWV 51: A3 / Kross V. A)
SUTE 32Overture in B-flat major (TWV 55: B3)
SUTE 33Overture in D major for clarino (tpt), 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 55: D7)
SUTE 34Two Sonatas, in G major and E minor for fl., bc (TWV 41: G11, TWV 41: e10)
SUTE 35Overture in B minor (TWV 55: h2)
SUTE 36Overture in D major for 3 obs, [fg.], strings, bc (TWV 55: D15)
SUTE 37Overture in E major (TWV 55: E1)
SUTE 38Overture in E major for ob. d'amore, strings and bc (TWV 55: E2)
SUTE 39Overture in F major for strings or ob, vln, vla, bc (TWV 55: F14)
SUTE 40Overture in B-flat major (TWV 55: B12)
SUTE 41Sonata in C minor (TWV 41: c5)
SUTE 42Sonata in G minor (TWV 41: g11)
SUTE 43Concerto in E minor for 2 solo vlns, strings and bc (TWV 52: e4 / Kross 2V. e)
SUTE 44Concerto in G major for solo vln, strings and bc (TWV 51: G5 / Kross V. G(2))
SUTE 45Concerto in A major for 2 oboes d'amore, 2 vlns, bc (TWV 52: A1 / Kross 2 Ob. D'Am. A)
SUTE 46Concerto Grosso in D minor for 2 obs, fg., strings, bc (TWV 53: d1 / Kross C. gr. d)
SUTE 47Concerto in D minor for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 43: d2)
SUTE 49Concerto in A major for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 43: A4)
SUTE 50Concerto in D major for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 43: D4)
SUTE 51Sonata in F major for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 43: F1)
SUTE 54Sonata in A major for vln, bc (TWV 41: A7)
SUTE 55Overture in G major (TWV 55: G6)
SUTE 56Overture in B minor (TWV 55: h4)
SUTE 57Overture in E major (TWV 55: E3)
SUTE 58Overture in D major (TWV 55: D14)
SUTE 61Partita I in C major (editorial arrangement, for tr rec and bc, of Partita I, TWV 41: B1)
SUTE 62Partita II in B-flat major (editorial arrangement, for tr rec and bc, of Partita II, TWV 41: G2)
SUTE 63Partita III in E minor (editorial arrangement, for tr rec and bc, of Partita III, TWV 41: c1)
SUTE 64Partita IV in C minor (editorial arrangement, for tr rec and bc, of Partita IV, TWV 41: g2)
SUTE 65Partita V in A minor (editorial arrangement, for tr rec and bc, of Partita V, TWV 41: e1)
SUTE 66Partita VI in G major (editorial arrangement, for tr rec and bc, of Partita VI, TWV 41: Es1)
SUTE 67Overture in B-flat major (after Partita I, TWV 41: B1) for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 55: B2)
SUTE 68Overture in G major (after Partita II, TWV 41: G2) for 2 obs, [fg.], 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 55: G11)
SUTE 69Overture in C minor (after Partita III, TWV 41: c1) for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 55: c3)
SUTE 70Overture in G minor (after Partita IV, TWV 41: g2) for 2 obs, fg., 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 55: g3)
SUTE 71Overture in E minor (after Partita V, TWV 41: e1) for 2 obs, [fg.], 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 55: e6)
SUTE 72Overture in E-flat major (after Partita VI, TWV 41: Es1) for 2 obs, fg., 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 55: Es5)
SUTE 91Sonata in B-flat major for vln, bc (TWV 41: B8)
SUTE 93Overture in D major for vln, 3 vlas (or 2 vlns, 2 vlas), bc (TWV 55: D16)
SUTE 95Concerto in G major for solo oboe (or flute), 2vlns, vla, bc (TWV 51: G2 / Kross Fl. G1)
SUTE 97Overture in F major for 2 horns, 2vlns, vla, bc (with fg.) (TWV 55: F16)
SUTE 98Overture in G minor for 2 obs, fg., 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 55: g9)
SUTE 99Overture in D major (Our edition includes the Fanfare, TWV 50:44) for 2 flutes, 2 vlns, vla, bc (with fg.) (TWV 55: D23, TWV 50: 44)
SUTE 100Divertimento in A major for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 50: 22)
SUTE 101Divertimento in B-flat major for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 50: 23)
SUTE 124Overture in E minor L'Omphale for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 55: e8)
SUTE 135Two Sonatinas in E minor and E major (Nos I and VI from Neue Sonatinen) for fl/vln, bc (TWV 41: e3, TWV 41: E4)
SUTE 136Two Sonatinas in C minor and A minor (Nos II and V from Neue Sonatinen) for either tr. rec., or vc or fg, and bc (TWV 41: c2, TWV 41: a4)
SUTE 137Two Sonatinas in D major and G major (Nos III and IV from Neue Sonatinen) for fl/vln, bc (TWV 41: D7, TWV 41: G7)
SUTE 140Overture in G Major Burlesque de Quixotte for 2 violins, viola and basso continuo (TWV 55: G10)

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