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The Severinus Urtext Telemann Edition (SUTE) is a major series published by Severinus Press under its modern editions imprint, Thesaurus Harmonicus. Begun in 1995 to widen the range of Telemann's unpublished instrumental compositions available in scholarly performing editions, with special emphasis on the ensemble suites (TWV 55), it continues to make one of the most distinguished contributions to the list of Telemann's instrumental compositions available in print.

Most of the items in the series are first editions, but fresh Urtext editions of selected previously-published works are added from time to time.

Following customers' warm response to the series, which is often used for professional period-instrument recordings, we are pleased to introduce the present catalogue. This lists our Telemann editions to date, arranged for convenience by genre and instrumentation, as well as all forthcoming items in the series.

Included in the present catalogue are:

We are especially proud of our first-editions of the complete Die Kleine Cammer-Music (1716) arranged for treble recorder, Telemann's own 'orchestral' arrangements of all six partitas, and his six Neue Sonatinen [1730/1], for four of which the editor has reconstructed the missing basso continuo part.

The latest publications, marked NEW in this catalogue, is a group of thirteen works. These include a new edition of the famous 'Don Quichotte' suite, and five of the composer's 'late' works from the famous Berlin Staatsbibliothek autograph manuscript, Mus. ms. autogr. G. Ph. Telemann 6, three of which - the ensemble suites TWV 55: D23 (SUTE 99), F16 (SUTE 97) and g9 (SUTE 98) - are to our knowledge first editions.

If you would like us to keep you informed of future issues in the series, please email us and tell us your interests. Don't forget to give us your email and postal addresses so that we can contact you.

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