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Note 1: Unless stated otherwise, all works are editorial reconstructions.

Note 2: Wherever possible, works are left untransposed, but transposition is often essential: some works, where the organ clefs imply it, are presented at choir pitch; but some others, whose contratenor (alto) parts are very low (descending sometimes to D below middle C), have been printed a minor third higher than the original, notated pitch. These minor-third-higher transposed editions are distinguished in the Catalogue by a 'T' after the item number. When ordering, and a choice is offered between original pitch and minor-third-higher editions, please specify which version you require.

Note 3: At the time of writing (August 2012) EP1-12 and 14-15 are published, but others will follow as they are uploaded to the www.scoreexchange.com website. (Search under the composer’s name, then select by work-title. Scores may be scrolled through, and Sibelius Choral Sounds Library MP3 recordings heard, free of charge.) Please contact the General Editor, Dr Ian Payne FSA, at ian.payne@severinus.co.uk for details of individual items.

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