Forthcoming Items

(most are first editions as far as is known)

SUTE 12Concerto in F-sharp minor for vln, strings and bc (TWV 51: fis1)
SUTE 14Overture in F major for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 55: F7)
SUTE 22Overture in E major for strings and bc (TWV 55: E4)
SUTE 53Concerto in B Major for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 43: B3)
SUTE 73Overture in B-flat major for 3 obs, fg, strings, bc (TWV 55: B10)
SUTE 74Overture in B-flat major for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 55: B5)
SUTE 75Overture in E-flat major for 2 horns (ad lib.), strings, bc (TWV 55: Es1)
SUTE 76Overture in E minor for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 55: e4)
SUTE 77Overture in B minor La Prude for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 55: h3)
SUTE 78Overture in E-flat major for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 55: Es4)
SUTE 79Overture in E minor for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 55: e7)
SUTE 80Overture in D major for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 55: D9)
SUTE 81Overture in G minor for solo vln, strings, bc (TWV 55: g7)
SUTE 82Overture in A major for solo vln, strings, bc (TWV 55: A7)
SUTE 83Overture in G major for 2 obs, [fg.], solo vln, 2 vlns, 2 vlas, bc (TWV 55: G7)
SUTE 84Overture in G major for 2 obs, [fg.], strings, bc (TWV 55: G1)
SUTE 85Overture in C minor for 2 obs, fg., strings, bc (TWV 55: c2)
SUTE 86Overture in C major for 2 obs, fg., strings, bc (TWV 55: C4)
SUTE 87Overture in A minor for 2 obs, fg., strings, bc (TWV 55: a3)
SUTE 88Overture in C major for 2 obs, fg., strings, bc (TWV 55: C7)
SUTE 90Overture in B-flat major for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 55: B4)
SUTE 92Sonata in A major for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 40: 200)
SUTE 94Concerto in E major for violin, strings (two oboes and bassoon, ad lib.) and basso continuo (TWV 51: E2 / Kross V. E)
SUTE 96Concerto in D minor for ob. (fl.), strings, bc (TWV 51: d1 / Kross Ob. d)
SUTE 102Overture in A major for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 55: A3)
SUTE 103Overture in G major for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 55: G3)
SUTE 104Overture in A major for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 55: A5)
SUTE 105Overture in D major for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 55: D3)
SUTE 106Overture in D major for 2 solo vlns, 2 obs, fg, strings, bc (TWV 55: D4)
SUTE 107Overture in D major for two violins, viola and basso continuo (TWV 55: D10)
SUTE 108Overture in D major for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 55: D11)
SUTE 109Overture in D major La Gaillarde for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 55: D13)
SUTE 110Overture in C minor for Two Oboes, Bassoon, Two Violins, Viola and Basso Continuo (TWV 55: c1)
SUTE 111Overture in E minor for 2 fl, 2 obs, 2 solo vlns, strings, bc (TWV 55: e3)
SUTE 112Overture in B-flat major for 2 obs, fg, strings, bc (TWV 55: B7)
SUTE 113Overture 'avec des airs' in B-flat major for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 55: B9)
SUTE 114Overture 'à la burlesque' in F major for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 55: F10)
SUTE 115Overture in F major for 2 horns, strings, bc (TWV 55: F12)
SUTE 116Overture in F major for solo vln, strings, bc (TWV 55: F13)
SUTE 117Overture in G major for 2 obs, fg, strings, bc (TWV 55: G5)
SUTE 118Overture in G major La Querelleuse for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 55: G8)
SUTE 119Overture in G major Ouverture avec la suite burlesque for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 55: G12)
SUTE 120Overture in G minor for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 55: g5)
SUTE 121Overture in G minor for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 55: g6)
SUTE 122Overture in A major for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 55: A2)
SUTE 123Overture in E minor for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 55: e2)
SUTE 125Overture in B minor for 2 solo vlns, 2 obs, 2 fg, strings, bc (TWV 55: h1)
SUTE 126Sonata in F major for two chalumeaux [or clarinet in B-flat], violins, bc (TWV 43: F2)
SUTE 127Concerto in B-flat Major for solo vln, strings, bc (TWV 51: B2 / Kross V. B2)
SUTE 128Overture in D major La Galante for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 55: D5)
SUTE 129Overture in A minor for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 55: a5)
SUTE 130Overture in D minor for 2 vlns, vla (or vln, 2 vlas), bc (TWV 55: d1)
SUTE 131Overture in D major for 2 tpts (clarini), strings, bc (including fg) (TWV 55: D17)
SUTE 132Overture in G minor for 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 55: g1)
SUTE 133Overture in G minor La Changeante for strings and basso continuo (TWV 55: g2)

Many of our forthcoming items are complete, but await release for general sale. Until these items are moved to the main body of the catalogue, small quantities of the score, and often the performing parts, may be available to special order: please contact the publisher for details.

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