Overtures (orchestral suites): solo brass, 2 vlns, vla, bc or string orchestra

SUTE33 Overture in D major

for clarino (tpt), 2 vlns, vla, bc (TWV 55: D7)

This piece is less demanding technically than the famous solo trumpet concertos and Tafelmusik Overture in D, partly because the trumpet doubles the first violin throughout.

Parts: score, clarino (tromba in D), violino I, violino II, viola, basso continuo

each part
Minimum complete set: 1 score and 1 copy of each part

(NB trumpet doubles first violin throughout)

SUTE97 Overture in F majorNEW

for 2 horns, 2vlns, vla, bc (with fg.) (TWV 55: F16)

A stunning and very late work, and one of the composer's finest examples of orchestral music with horns, from the famous Berlin Staatsbibliothek autograph manuscript (Mus. ms. autogr. G. Ph. Telemann 6) which he prepared in the early 1760s. It is one of several first editions that we offer of works from this manuscript.

Parts: score, corno I, corno II, violino I, violino II, viola, basso continuo / fagotto

each part
Minimum complete set: 1 x score, 1 x corno I, 1 x corno II, 1 x violino I, 1 x violino II, 1 x viola, 2 x basso continuo / fagotto

Notes regarding minimum sets

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